Color Chart Drive Me Crazy

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Are you looking for the perfect way to present the fabulous colours of the Drive Me Crazy Autumn Collection? You just found it! Present your clients with the colours that will be the leading shades on nails and runways this season.

Discover all the colours that are part of the Drive Me Crazy collection:

  • Stop!
  • Rolls Boys
  • Miss Dynamic
  • Violetta Cabrioletta
  • Luxurella
  • Halina Turbina
  • Black Ivory
  • Melanie Jump
  • Hey Gray!
  • Iden Tico

The oval colour chart is designed for self-painting – it’s transparent and has 20 tips on which you can present a smooth colour or create a decoration. Dimensions: 13x11x0.5 cm

Products ordered between 15-22 of October will be shipped on 23.10 due to holidays. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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