Nail Art Trainings

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Nail styling is a lot of fun and a great way to live. Unique manicure not only draws attention but gives you the chance to express one’s creative side. No more boring nail designs! Indigo Nail Art training was created to show you the potential of nail art – potential which is only limited by your imagination!

Our training sessions include a variety of designs, techniques, unique topics and knowledge which is passed on with passion. If you love precise ornaments, bold designs and want to work on your skills then join us at Indigo.

Our nail art training sessions are a trip to fantasy land. It’s a journey full of colours which will stay in your memory for a long time.  Pick a training session of your choice, learn the technique, work on your own style and make fantasy into reality! Indigo has been setting trends for many years! Now it’s your turn! Create!


Training includes a combination of all above techniques – it means salon nail art, seasonal trends or original instructor’s nail art.

The instructor will decide which topics will be covered based on the level of difficulty.