Additional Training

 Telefon: +47 925 20 887

Individual training with an Instructor to work on a technique or address a certain problem that a student has with nail styling. During this training, the process is discussed in detail and any problems or mistakes are corrected. There is no specific topic of training. However, before the meeting takes place there is an initial verification of the students knowledge and skills in nail styling. Upon completion the student will receive an Indigo Certificate. There is an option to pay for additional hours (no more than 3) to take care of any smaller mistakes.

The subject of the training is determined individually – depending on the student’s problem and level of advancement. Examples of training topics: work pace training, E-file manicure, correction of brittle or bitten nails.

Group training is a form of meetings between the instructor and the students to improve the technique and solve specific problems related to nail stylization. During this time, the topics specified by the instructor are discussed and they are corrected on an ongoing basis. The training aims to improve the stylist’s skills, present her correct work, and eliminate mistakes made so far. The subject of group training is determined by the instructor, but before enrollment it is necessary to verify the basic knowledge of the student in the field of nail styling. After the meeting, the student receives the Indigo International Certificate.

Additional Training:

– every additional hour – 600kr