Technical Trainings Manicure

Technical training in manicure is the most basic in the indigo offer, this is where you should start your adventure with nail styling. During two days you’ll learn how to take care of your workspace and provide safety for yourself and your clients.

Indigo Instructor will show you the anatomy of the natural nail, explain the professional terminology and tell you everything you need to know about the products and tools necessary for performing the manicure procedure.

The training will equip you with knowledge about skin and nail conditions which will help you recognise potential danger. You’ll learn about four types of manicure (among them the basic gel polish manicure), the perfect application of polish, and safe way to remove gel polish from na disinfecting and sterilising the toolsils.

In the end, the Indigo Instructors will show you how to perform manicure procedure with hand massage and amazing, nourishing powers of Indigo SPA.

During training, you’ll receive professional educational materials which will help you master the gathered knowledge. The training ends with a theory and practise exam which determines if a person will receive the certificate.